Audio Intelligence Summit

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Check Out the Highlights from AIS 2022

Bringing Together the Smartest Minds in Audio

Presented by Veritonic, The Audio Intelligence Summit will celebrate the power of audio, bringing brands, agencies, and publishers together to discuss how audio and audio advertising are being effectively utilized, measured, and optimized to heighten brand awareness and increase ROI.

This insightful, half-day event will explore the metrics, trends, and best practices that are powering the successful audio strategies of the foremost thought-leaders in the audio and podcast space.

Audio Intelligence Summit

SECOND floor

849 6th Ave, New York, NY 10001

The Audio Intelligence Summit will be held in-person at SECOND Floor, one of the premiere corporate event venues in NYC.

If you are traveling to join us and require a hotel, we have secured a room block for this event at the Kimpton Hotel Eventi.

Kimpton Hotel Eventi
851 6th Ave, New York, NY 10001
(866) 993-8396*

Audio Intelligence Summit Event Space

Thanks to our 2022 Presenting Sponsors

SXM Media

2022 Featured Speakers

  • Hana Golden

    Hana Golden

    Director, Marketing Communications, Tostitos Trademark, PepsiCo North America Foods

  • Nils d'Aulaire

    Nils d'Aulaire

    Creative Director, Studio Resonate at SXM Media

    Studio Resonate, SXM Media
  • Anthony Frasier

    Anthony Frasier

    CEO, ABF Creative

    ABF Creative
  • Scott Davis

    Scott Davis

    SVP, NPR Sponsorship, National Public Media

    National Public Media
  • Cassandra LaPrairie

    Cassandra LaPrairie

    Performance Marketing Lead, Audio, Wise

  • Shira Atkins

    Shira Atkins

    Co-Founder & CMO, WMN

  • Korri Kolesa

    Korri Kolesa

    CRO, Veritonic

  • Sara Barbour

    Sara Barbour

    Senior Production Manager, National Public Media

    National Public Media
  • John Taite

    John Taite

    EVP, Global Brand Partnerships and Development, Made Music Studio

    Made Music Studio
  • Jennifer Laine

    Jennifer Laine

    Head of Marketing and Special Projects, Oxford Road

    Oxford Road
  • Lucas Murray

    Lucas Murray

    Senior Music Producer, Made Music Studio

    Made Music Studio
  • Scott Simonelli

    Scott Simonelli

    CEO & Co-Founder, Veritonic

  • Sam Sweig

    Sam Sweig

    Associate Director, Analytics, Havas Media

    Havas Media
  • Idil Miriam Cakim

    Idil Miriam Cakim

    SVP, Research & Insights, Audacy

  • Idil Miriam Cakim

    Dane Cardiel

    VP, Business Development, Gumball


2022 Agenda

  • 12:30pm

    Doors Open

  • 1:00pm

    Opening Remarks

    Scott Simonelli, CEO, Veritonic

  • 1:15pm

    Telling an Authentic Story with Custom Audio

    Speakers: Scott Davis, SVP, NPR Sponsorship, National Public Media; Sara Barbour, Senior Production Manager, National Public Media

    Now more than ever, consumers are prioritizing social responsibility and holding corporations accountable. In this session, NPR Sponsorship SVP of Sales Scott Davis and Sr. Production Manager Sara Barbour will explore how NPR provides a credible platform for brands to share their messaging, and how custom audio resonates with audiences who are seeking more from the companies they support. Learn how recent NPR sponsors activated custom audio to elevate their campaigns and how they performed among listeners.

  • 1:45pm

    Sweeten Your Recipe for ROI

    Speakers: Cassandra LaPrairie, Performance Marketing Lead, Audio, Wise; Sam Sweig, Associate Director, Analytics, Havas Media; Dane Cardiel, VP, Business Development, Gumball

    This session will highlight the role that audio plays in both the identity and marketing strategies of some of the most attention-grabbing brands today. From audio logos to streaming audio advertising and branded podcasts, you'll walk away from this session with insights into how these successful brands are leveraging audio. Additionally, how they are measuring its impact on their overall marketing strategies, and how their utility of audio is continuously evolving to increase efficacies, resonance, and ROI.

  • 2:15pm

    Measuring & Taking a Stand for Sonic Diversity

    Speakers: Nils d'Aulaire, Creative Director, Studio Resonate, SXM Media

    Lines have been drawn that perpetuate racism in every industry. Some of these lines can be seen, others can be heard. Those are sonic color lines: invisible but pervasive barriers that reward white voices and marginalize voices of color. They impact our marketing and messaging decisions, and crossing them requires us to retrain the way we listen, to diversify the sonic spaces we inhabit, and to change the creative choices we're making that serve to perpetuate systemically racist sonic structures. Auditing the status quo and plotting a path of improvement and optimization starts with measurement. In this thought-provoking presentation, we dig into our groundbreaking research, examining the history and impacts of racialized listening, and offering suggestions for how brands and advertising agencies can take a stand for sonic diversity. It's in the data: from favorability to effectiveness, sonic diversity is both an ethical imperative and a sound business practice.

  • 2:45pm


  • 3:20pm

    The Full Scoop: Why Tostitos Needed an Iconic Audio Logo

    Speakers: John Taite, EVP, Global Brand Partnerships & Development, Made Music Studio; Hana Golden, Director, Marketing Communications, Tostitos Trademark, PepsiCo

    In this insightful discussion, John Taite (Made Music Studio) will sit down with PepsiCo's Hana Golden (Director, Marketing Communications, Tostitos Trademark) to discuss the strategy, creation, and analytics behind one of the most powerful (and delicious!) audio logos in the CPG vertical. From the role audio plays in Tostitos' overall marketing strategy to its impact on reach and revenue, you'll take away insights, inspiration and the perfect recipe for sonic success.

  • 3:50pm

    Interactive Audio Experience

    Speakers: Lucas Murray, Senior Music Producer, Made Music Studio

    We love an element of surprise, but if you like chips, salsa, drums, and creativity, you're in for a real treat.

  • 4:20pm

    Getting Creative Right: What Success in Audio Sounds Like

    Speakers: Idil Miriam Cakim, Senior Vice President, Research and Insights, Audacy; Jennifer Laine, Head of Marketing and Special Projects, Oxford Road; Shira Atkins, CMO & Co-Founder, Wonder Media Network; Anthony Frasier, CEO, ABF Creative

    The audio space is a noisy one — literally and figuratively. This session will highlight the elements of highly powerful audio creative, and the measurement data and analytics that are informing critical optimization decisions resulting in resonating storytelling and a high ROI.

  • 4:50pm

    Closing Remarks

    Korri Kolesa, CRO, Veritonic

  • 5:00pm

    Cocktail Reception & Live Performance Sponsored by SXM Media & SoundCloud

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