Highlights From AIS 2023

Bringing Together the Smartest Minds in Audio

The Audio Intelligence Summit is back and bigger than ever! Join us to celebrate the power of audio, where we will once again bring brands, agencies, and publishers together to discuss how audio and audio advertising are being effectively utilized, measured, and optimized to heighten brand awareness and increase ROI.

This insightful, half-day event will explore the metrics, trends, and best practices that are powering the successful audio strategies of the foremost thought-leaders in the audio and podcast space.

2023 Sponsors

NPR SXM Media Ad Results Media

2023 Featured Speakerss

  • Gretchen Smith

    Gretchen Smith

    Vice President of Media & Creative, Ad Results Media

  • Steve Keller

    Steve Keller

    Sonic Strategy Director, Studio Resonate at SXM Media

  • Jon Gibs

    Jon Gibs

    Global Director of Ad Sciences, Spotify

  • Thad Smith

    Thad Smith

    Senior Global Brand Manager, SMB at Indeed

  • Damian Scragg

    Damian Scragg

    General Manager, International Sales at Veritonic

  • Danielle Linden

    Danielle Linden

    Senior Director, Marketing at Sport Clips

  • James Clarke

    James Clarke

    Senior Director Digital & Social, PepsiCo

  • Charles Cadbury

    Charles Cadbury

    CEO, Say It Now

  • Margaux Natiello

    Margaux Natiello

    Senior Partnerships Manager, Athletic Greens

  • Idil Cakim

    Idil Cakim

    SVP, Head of Research and Insights at Audacy

  • Sky Opila

    Sky Opila

    Head of Acquisition Marketing, Policygenius

  • Bryan Barletta

    Bryan Barletta

    Partner, Sounds Profitable

  • Hetal Patel

    Hetal Patel

    EVP Smart Audio and Insights, iHeartMedia

  • Julia Kelly

    Julia Kelly

    Senior Manager, Ad Sales at Wondery

  • Adam Pleiman

    Adam Pleiman

    Brand Sonic Strategist and Creative Director, Gwynne Sound

  • Scott Marino

    Scott Marino

    Senior Brand Partner, Morning Brew

  • Samantha Sweig

    Samantha Sweig

    Associate Director Analytics, Havas Media

2023 Agenda

  • 12:15pm

    Doors Open & Badge-Pickup

  • 1:00pm

    Opening Remarks

    Scott Simonelli, CEO at Veritonic

  • 1:15pm

    The Power of Audio for CPG

    In this thought-provoking session, Margaux Natiello from Athletic Greens and Julia Kelly from Wondery will sit down with Idil Cakim from Audacy to dive deep into the branding and marketing benefits that audio provides the CPG vertical, and how the powdered greens giant in particular is harnessing the tremendous power of audio and podcast advertising to increase their reach and ROI.

    • Participants:
    • Margaux Natiello, Senior Partnerships Manager at Athletic Greens
    • Julia Kelly, Senior Manager, Ad Sales at Wondery
    • Moderator:
    • Idil Cakim, SVP, Head of Research and Insights at Audacy
  • 1:40pm

    Monetization in Podcast's New Era

    Podcasts are about to enter a new era of monetization. We are in a time where a single person with a microphone is enough to build an audience, ushering in a new era for creators and listener excitement in the space. However, having a unique voice and a mic doesn't necessarily lead straight to successful monetization. As podcast buying becomes more audience- and behavior-based, tracking listener trends and measuring outcomes becomes critical. During this session, we will look at new listener trends that have emerged; understand how advertisers can better adapt to evolving media; and dive deeper into the victories and challenges associated with measurement, gaining an understanding of what is holding back growth and possible solutions for the future.

    • Participants:
    • Jon Gibs, Global Director and Principal Data Scientist, Advertising Sciences at Spotify
  • 2:00pm

    Attribution & Brand Lift: The Measurement Powerhouse for Winning in Audio

    You can't optimize without a baseline. In this educational and thought-provoking panel, Gretchen Smith of Ad Results and Sky Opila of Policygenius will sit down with Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable to discuss the key to success in audio: full-funnel audio campaign measurement. The discussion will dive deep into the metrics that attribution and brand lift provide, and how that data is helping to inform decisions around audio advertising and branding that are resulting in meaningful campaign performance, KPI, and revenue goals.

    • Participants:
    • Gretchen Smith, Vice President of Media at Ad Results Media
    • Sky Opila, Head of Acquisition Marketing at Policygenius
    • Moderator:
    • Bryan Barletta, Partner at Sounds Profitable
  • 2:30pm

    Networking Break & Refreshments

  • 3:00pm

    But First, Test. The Power of Testing in Developing Winning Audio Creative

    In this insightful and enlightening session, leaders from world renowned brands including Pepsi, Indeed, and Sport Clips discuss the power of pre- and in-market audio testing, the impact that fully-optimized audio creative has on both campaign performance and ROI, and building overall confidence in audio investments.

    • Participants:
    • James Clarke, Senior Director Digital & Social at PepsiCo
    • Thad Smith, Senior Global Brand Manager, SMB at Indeed
    • Danielle Linden, Senior Director, Marketing at Sport Clips
    • Moderator:
    • Adam Pleiman, Brand Sonic Strategist and Creative Director at Gwynne Sound
  • 3:30pm

    Podcasting Trends & MythBusters: What to look forward to in 2023?

    In this informative and thought-provoking presentation, Hetal Patel from iHeartMedia will separate the facts from the myths in terms of achieving success in the podcast space. Podcast audience growth is only achievable through advertising on other podcasts? Podcasts need to be 1M+ downloads per month to have a chance at success? Host reads are the best way to advertise on podcasts? Uncover the facts from the fiction and head into 2023 with a clear understanding of what's to come in podcasting in the year ahead.

    • Presented By:
    • Hetal Patel, EVP Smart Audio and Insights at iHeartMedia
  • 3:55pm

    "Alexa, Open Pizza Hut": Advancing your Consumer Engagement with Actionable Audio Advertising

    This session is sure to ignite your audio strategy AND your taste buds! Charles Cadbury of Say It Now and Damian Scragg of Veritonic dive into the utilization of digital audio and smart speaker advertising for Pizza Hut, how it's driving increased engagement and brand awareness for QSR, and the tremendous opportunity that advertising on smart speakers holds for global brands, today and moving forward.

    • Participants:
    • Charles Cadbury, CEO at Say It Now
    • Damian Scragg, General Manager, International Sales at Veritonic
  • 4:20pm

    Partnership is the New Pre-Roll

    Advertisers are evolving their approach to audio, leaning into opportunities to co-create custom content and insert subject matter experts into conversations with reputable podcast hosts. Join Samantha Sweig from Havas Media and Scott Marino from Morning Brew as they unpack the evolution of content partnerships and effective measurement, sharing perspectives from both the publisher and advertiser/agency point of view. You will walk away from this session with a better understanding of how to identify and strategize opportunities for partnership, and how to measure the impact these partnerships have on brand health and in-market KPIs.

    • Participants:
    • Scott Marino, Senior Brand Partner at Morning Brew
    • Samantha Sweig, Associate Director Analytics at Havas Media
  • 4:40pm

    Sound Marketing in an Age of Uncertainty

    In this must-see session, Steve Keller will present 3 guiding principles to help brands survive a recession while setting them up to thrive on the other side: the importance of defending your share of voice, the importance of focusing on long term brand building, and the importance of good audio creative. Steve will dive deep into how audio is well suited to helping brands achieve these goals, and the importance of measurement and optimization to maximize reach and ROI.

    • Participants:
    • Steve Keller, Sonic Strategy Director, Studio Resonate at SXM Media
  • 5:00pm

    Closing Remarks

    Korri Kolesa, CRO at Veritonic

  • 5:00pm

    Networking Cocktail Reception

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